About Us

VIVOS Professional Services has developed an unparalleled understanding of the clinical research and drug development process.  That is why you will find that pharmaceutical and clinical research organizations across the nation, whether they are established or emerging companies, turn to VIVOS as a staffing partner.  Clients rely upon our expertise and our ability to provide talent from an exclusive and ever growing network of clinical professionals.  With one of the largest clinical networks of exceptional talent, along with an experienced and dedicated recruiting staff, VIVOS is your most valuable partner for clinical talent.
  •          Clinical Research and Development
  •          Clinical Data Management
  •          Pharmacovigilance/Medical Affairs
  •          Regulatory Affairs/Quality Assurance
  •          Scientific

Clinical Research & Development
From Clinical Research Associates to Medical Directors, VIVOS professionals are proud to be part of the historic efforts of many of the biggest names in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and clinical research organizations.
Clinical Research Associates · Clinical Research Scientists · Clinical Trial Managers
Directors of Clinical Research · GCP Auditors · Medical Writers · Medical Directors · Medical Monitors

Clinical Data Management
Our data management professionals work with some of the nation's most respected clinical research organizations, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology companies.
Clinical Data Managers · Clinical Data Analysts · Directors of Clinical Data Management . Clinical Data Coordinators · Biostatisticians · SAS Programmers

Pharmacovigilance / Medical Affairs
We offer top-notch drug safety professionals providing assessment and follow-up of adverse events based upon regulatory requirements.
Drug Safety Associates · Drug Safety Monitors · Pharmacovigilance Directors

Regulatory Affairs
The nation's most highly-regarded pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and clinical organizations know the complexity and importance of document management.
Regulatory Affairs Associates · Regulatory Affairs Managers · Directors of Regulatory Affairs