Our Process

At VIVOS Professional Services, we want to ensure that your company gets the best possible staffing solution. To do this, we have developed and perfected a unique 5-step process that works towards fulfilling your various work force requirements to your complete satisfaction. This is how our process works.

Our Unique 5-step Process   

Client Analysis
Our first step includes a methodical profiling of your company to understand your various business needs and long-term goals. Based on these findings, we determine what services would work best towards making your  staffing process more efficient, cost-effective and organized.   

We source the best talent needed for your organization through various means, including Internet sites, Newspaper Ads, Referrals, Company displacement programs, Tech and Trade school Associations, Job fairs etc. Furthermore, our extensive candidate databases and exclusive Government/ Industry partnerships help us source the most suitable candidates in the industry.  

Screening/ Testing
Our professional recruiters meticulously screen the various candidates based on the skills and qualities required for the particular position. We also conduct various tests as required by the client, including, Criminal Background checks, D.O.T. Card Verification, Drug Testing, Employer Reference.  

After completion of the interview process, we recheck all forms, preliminary screenings and certifications before the prospective employee starts working. We forward all required information on the prospective employee, including the resume with job history, test results, and the detailed personality profile. Information can be forwarded to the client via fax, e-mail or telephone.   

Performance Review
Our involvement does not stop with successful placement. We continually monitor both our performance and the performance of the candidates to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our staffing service.

Advantages of our unique 5-step process

Our unique 5-step Process can work to your advantage by

  •     Providing sustainable staffing solutions for both instant and long-term requirements
  •     Maximizing your staffing possibilities through our exclusive partnerships and extensive databases
  •     Determining the right candidate through vigorous screening/testing procedures
  •     Reducing resources with regards to time and money in the entire recruitment process
  •     Delivering a customized approach that addresses your specific staffing needs